Comb. Beekman-Tilmans

michelZondag 8 december 2013. Het nieuwste weekstuk is weer beschikbaar. Het wonder van Geffen en ‘Op eigen hok’. Veel leesplezier.       Voor de geïnteresseerden in het filmpje van de aankomsten van Wolvertem verwijs ik graag naar onderstaande link:   Welkom op de website van Michel Beekman (inmiddels alweer 46 jaar). Michel Beekman bedrijft sinds 1988 de sport onder naam Beekman-Tilmans. Eerst in Diemen, sinds 2002 in Aalsmeer. Naast duivenliefhebber met veel ambities en goede prestaties was Michel Beekman ook verslaggever van het NPOrgaan. Een aantal in het oogspringende artikelen van zijn hand staan dan ook op deze site (zie: ‘Artikelen’) sinds maart 2012 heeft Michel de pen weer opgepakt nu voor ‘Het Spoor’. Tenslotte is Michel Beekman inmiddels zelfs landelijk bekend vanwege zijn ge- en bekende kweekduiven. De echte Klakken van Jos van Limpt bevolk(t)en de kweekhokken. Het was Gertjan Beute die Michel en zijn vader daarom ‘doopte’ tot ‘de klakmannen van Aalsmeer’. Bekijk voor meer informatie over dit ‘gouden bloed’ de pagina ‘Duiven’. Inmiddels bezit Michel naast de Klakken ook veel duiven van die andere grootmeester uit Brabant, Ad Schaerlaeckens. Ook informatie hierover vindt u op de pagina ‘Duiven’. Op deze pagina (Introductie) treft u informatie over het ontstaan van de combinatie en de ‘avonturen’ in ruim 25 jaar zelfstandige duivensport. Op de pagina ‘Methode’ wordt beschreven hoe de verzorging van de duiven in zijn werk gaat. Op de pagina ‘Prestaties’ staan de prestaties behaald in het afgelopen vliegseizoenen (2011 en 2012). Op de pagina ‘Nieuws’ wordt ingegaan op de resultaten die behaald werden op de vluchten (gedurende het vliegseizoen) en worden tijdens het stille seizoen de highlights van dat moment tegen het licht gehouden. Deze columns verschijnen ook wekelijks op de sites van Duivenvaria en MSNduivensport! Indien u contact wilt of een reactie wilt achterlaten kunt u terecht op de pagina ‘Contact’ of in het ‘Gastenboek’. Veel leesplezier! Welcome at the site of Beekman-Tilmans. On this site you will find the ups and downs on the pigeons of Michel Beekman (now 43 years). Michel Beekman practices pigeonsports since 1988 under the name Beekman-Tilman. First in Diemen, since 2002 in Aalsmeer. Besides pigeon fancier with great ambitions and good performances, Michel is also reporter of the NPOrgaan. Some eye-catching articles he therefore wrote stand on this site (see ‘Articles’). Finally, Michel Beekman is even now nationally known for his famous breeding pigeons. The real strain of Jos van Limpt populates the breeding loft. It was Gertjan Beute who gave Michel and his father the nickname “the Klak-men of Aalsmeer’. See more details about this ‘golden bloodstain’ at the webpage ‘Pigeons’. Michel now has bought the next fasmous strain of that other master of Brabant, Ad Schaerlaeckens. Also information on these pigeons can be found on the page “Pigeons”. On this page (Introduction) you will find information about the origin of the combination and the “adventures” in 25 years pigeonsports. On the ‘Method-page’ Michel describes how the care of the pigeons takes place. On the ‘Performancepage” he discusses the results were recently obtained, and during the off-season highlights are held against the light. During the racing season on this page weekly will be looked back on the races! If you wish to contact or want to leave a comment visit the ‘Contact’ or the ‘Guestbook’. Happy reading! Who are or is Beekman-Tilmans? The combination Beekman-Tilmans exists since 1987 and was then formed after the major renovation of the first private loft of Michel Beekman. In the winter of 1987/88 Michel had the desire to replace the flat roof by rooftiles. This was a big job in which Michel was assisted by his uncle Harry Tilmans, a handy carpenter. The task was long and tough, in a location without electricity and other facilities. During the carpentry business the idea was born to fly together. In the year 1988 was first flown by the now “well established” name. Until the “pigeon migrationl” to Aalsmeer in the autumn of 2002 Tilmans played an active role in care, especially at weekends, during holidays and in the associationactivities of PV The Luchtpost Diemen. After the move Harry Tilmans’ role in the activities was restricted to ‘naming’. This was caused both by major health problems and by decreasing interest in pigeon racing. From that moment there is only the combination “on paper” and since then all the care rests on the shoulders of Michel. History. Michel Beekman decided at the age of eightteen years old to keep pigeons of his own. At least, when the care of the pigeons on the kitchen-garden felt too heavy for Senior Beekman beside the care of the colony behind the house, Michel decided to take on this. One thing led to another. Reluctantly in 1985 he participated with some pigeons in the old birds races. It was flown with hardly trained pigeons. Farmed pigeons from the lofts of the old strains that populated the old loft at the kitchen-garden. This “breeding birds” were old cracks “from the time that Beekman Sr participated in the races from this location and a number of pigeons of JW van Schaik, then Veenendaal (now the Klomp). The success was not large. The pigeonas were flown to nest, with an occasional dove in prices. With the youngsters Michel attempted to address the issues seriously. There were youngsters of various fanciers (but especially from Nederhorst Huisstede Gerrit van den Berg). With a loft with to many pigeons in it and a floor sewed with old orange boxes, he brought to the youngsters flee. Not without success, because the first championship was pulled right. The interior triggered the motivation of the youngsters, especially caused by the boxes. This ,otovation was translated into 10th Designated championship. At that time around 700 fanciers took part in this championship ……. starting 10th was not too bad. The first tasted success for more, “you’re 18 years and you want to win’! The old loft was overcrowded, because except for the breeders and the youngsters there alsot had to be room for cocks played on widowhood. In the winter of 1986 an old construction shed with the size of 3 to 7 meter was bought under hellish conditions and partly by candlelight converted to a loft. Three sections, two for the widowers and one for the youngsters were constructed. The old hens were held in special crates in the corridor of the loft. In 1986 Michel competed the race fore the first time on the new loft, on widowhood. Still limited to 12 couples! The seeds of a long career pigeons, with great ambition had been laid. In 1987 the first major championship was reached. At club level though, but at age 20 the designated 1st Overall championship winning is something to recall. The real breakthrough came after the conversion of the roof mention above. The tiled roof of the loft improved the environment and better results soon followed. Both in the former rayon South East of the department Amsterdam as in the club appealing results were booked. Michel noticed, however, that it was the real summit that was just missed. So it was decided to save funds to later buy pigeons of better quality. After several years of savinf money Michel visitted in the autumn of 1989 the great champion Aalsmeer Cor Buis (Senior) to write an report. He was so impressed by the piogeons of Buis that he agreed to buy the whole round of eggs of be widowers in 1990. Thus did. Over sixty eggs in 1990 moved to Diemen, In 1991 there followed twenty more. The quality injection paid out directly in 1992. The combination Beekman-Tilmans became one of the dominating lofts in the eastern part of the department. In union and rayon level, the jump to the ‘top’ in the then very popular Overall Championchip was made. In the department they regularly knocked at the door of the real top level. The peak year was 1994, with the 1e Championship Old pigeons in the rayon South East (150 members) and 9e in the department of Amsterdam. The latter was a historic achievement for a fancier designated in the eastern part of the department. From 1997 there was only played on “short work”. This went with ups and downs, partly because of the introduction of new pigeons (Klak) and changes in work and family circumstances. In the late nineties the way up was found again, was unfortunately it also attracted the attention of the thieves. The good pigeons at the kitchen-garden were as they were outlawed. The first burglary in 1999 was still “easily” digested, because they stole a number of breeding pigeons and twenty youngbirds. The second burglary in the Autumn of 2001 in which 30 talented old birds were stolen from the new loft was much heavier ! The composing of a new top squad was damaged seriously! Michel decide that this burglaries at the kitchen-garden could notcontinue. In consultation with his partner Erna it was decided that the pigeons as soon as possible should be held ‘safe’, this meant at home. The former residential address had a garden, but the site and character of the neighborhood was not suitable for pigeons which were held at ‘excellence’. It was decided to look for a home that was suitabele for both family life and for pigeonsports at the top level. The house with this requirements was found in Aalsmeer, at the famous pigeons street, the Aalsmeerderweg. Not only was there enough room for a large loft, it was nearly ideal for keeping pigeons (rural) and the sports oppurtunities were great by the favorable location in relation to the flight line. In the spring of 2002 was moved and late April, the big loft was placed by Schut from Kootwijkerbroek. Becase of the late placement (due to the long waiting period for obtaining the permit) only ‘Navluchten’ could be flown with the youngsters. These were only trained and not observed when arriving home, Michel flew for years that ‘just’ the old birds in Diemen. A difficult task, two colonies at two sites in combination with a moving and everything involved. Remarkably enough, performances with the old birds were pretty well up to standard. So good that for the third time it attracted thieves to steal the well performing pigeonsl. The week after the last race of the season and one weeks before the final move to Aalsmeer, where also a loft for the breeders had been placed the old loft in Diemen were broken into again. The top three of the loft, the birds which arrived first on the last race (1,2,3 in the club) were stolen along with their partners! This once more proved the correctness of the decision to go to keep pigeons at home. Remarkably, the three couples returned several days later at the lofts, the thieves were probably feared to get caught …. How it went in Aalsmeer In 2003 was first played at the points from the new location. After a hesitant start, in the second half of the season Michel already performed at a good level. Especially the youngsters raced like never before. The mix of the Klak Pigeons , who first got plenty of development opportunities, and the decendants from the good racers who came along from Diemen, presented a lot of points. This resulted directly in 10e Overall (General) Championship in the highly rated and the strong Section F of the North Holland provence. At a new loft with old pigeons that had flown only three ‘navluchten’ a result that offered great perspective for the future. In the years that followed this perspective was translated into excellent performances. Several early birds in great races and proper championships (including 3e and 4e old birds championchips, and always at the Overall champions in Amsterdam and Rayon F) culminating in the peak year 2007. With regard to the ideal age of the topbirds 2006 was to be thought the year to advance the absolute peak. It turned out to be one year later. After a reasonable start on the Short distanceraces (Vitesse 10e) came in the topcondition at the races of the Middle Distance (4e ) and Long Distance (5e ). The good condition of the old birds (ultimately 3e old birds in region and district) positively influenced that of the young pigeons. They even performed better than (3e in region, 5e in district). The condition was still top condition on the so called ‘navluchten’ (short distances races in which old an young birds compete together) the 1e place in the district and a 4e in the rayon was reached. Unfortunately were just too few points obtained to catch up with Henny La Grouw, who retained is titel of Overall champion! In 2008, the toll of the great years in 2007 was paid. After a good start on the ‘vitesse’ (4e in region and district) it went wrong, mainly on long distance races. Through a problem with health (probably Streptococci) and the loss of some top pigeons on the last flight of Germany in 2007, the level of previous years was not met and lost many points were lossed. The results, still some championships but “less” than hoped ….. In 2009 the thread was again picked up. With a large selection started. But bad luck also struck in 2009. Especially the entrance of the pigeons after a race was dramatic. On the Vitesse flights it led to many point loss. A good classification was thus missed. On the one day long distance and middle distance the level of the good years (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007) was picked up again. Early birds and good placings in the final positions of the championships. (Middle Distance 5th, Long Distance10th and 8th in the old birds championship of Region F). The unlucky person was not ready, mid-year at old birdsloft a smallpox epidemic broke out. In particular, the males of the program players were the losers. Similarly at Beekman-Tilman. All pigeons received an emergency vaccination. The hens had not much trouble and continued performing. The old cocks could not be played. The youngsters, who barely 2 weeks before the first flight were grafted with a different vaccine received a great setback. The injection resulted in a fierce reaction with enormous crusts on the thighs of the youngbirds. The condition was damaged directly!! And it took long before they came on top again. The result, a very moderate youngsters years. Just after the 6th race the original flightcondition returned … The poor results with the youngsters had their impact on the ranking of the classifications. The result not in the top 10 in the district for the first time in 8 years. Even in this bad luck also played a role. Vital pointss were in fact missed at the 4th navlucht. A a bird of prey attacked the first arriving pigeon …. Despite the difficult year 2009, the expectations for 2010 are still hopeful. Pigeon racing is and remains the sport of hope. The hope is based on the good play of a group of old hens in 2008 and the burgeoning talents of a significant number of young hens on the last races of the season.